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  blue & value

   Respect all individuality.

Nowadays, when various social issues are overflowing,

people, companies, and society as a whole are perhaps searching for a “way to be".

Forgetting "what is important" and "Individuality", it's easy to get overwhelmed

by what we're facing.

blue and value Inc.

We support the “individuality” of “people,” “things,” and “services,”

and hope that our better community will come to fruition.


Beauty & Care Business

  • Skincare & Wellness Salon "THE PEARL SALON"

  • Socio Beauty & Care 

Marketing Consulting

  • Branding/ Marketing Strategy Development Support

  • PR Support


​Hiroko Morikawa / Representative Director

Over the years, she was in charge of wide marketing areas including brand management and product development at multiple global companies as well as PR company.  Nonprofit corp. Yokohama Community Design Lab. Born and live in Yokohama.

blue & value Inc.

2-20-505, Tokiwa-cho,

Naka-ku, Yokohama

Kanagawa, 231-0023, Japan


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